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PBA Ginebra

 PBA and the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings

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Whatever the PBA does, Ginebra San Miguel "gin kings" will always be its biggest draw. Something about the never-say-die spirit of Ginebra Kings basketball, the Ginebra players, and the legacy of the team founded by Robert Jaworski-- seemingly always the underdog-- this is one team anyone can root for.

As with great teams, great players are the foundation of the Barangay Ginebra Kings. Fans don't just remember the games played, but the players and the personalities behind them. Here are the top Ginebra Kings players that die-hard Ginebra fans will always remember:

1-) Robert Jaworski - "The Living Legend" -- need we say more? His career though as a senator need I say less.

2-) Rudy Distrito - "The Destroyer" -- literally.

2A-) Dante Gonzalgo - "The Co-Destroyer" -- Instead of drawing up a play, Jawo would motion his forearm forward and say, "Dante....alam mo na yun ha?"

Photo by Timmy
3-) Dondon Ampalayo - "The Magic Man" -- too bad injuries curtailed what could have been a hall of fame career. As Michael Jackson sang: "Gone too soon."

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4-) Noli Locsin - "The Tank" -- who can forget the "Tank" barelling through post players twice as big, then finishing it off with a spin move gay DI's would be proud of? Philippine Charles Barkley as far as I'm concerned.

Photo by "I fall, yet I salute you with+my+oven+mitts"
5-) Terry Saldana - "The Injury" -- don't even look at that video you'll lose all appetite for watching and playing basketball. I said no. Don't do it! Crunch!                                                           

6-) Bal David - "The Flash" -- couldn't shoot to save his life but boy he'll have that bank shot preserved in PBA history.

7-) Chito Loyzaga - "The Dynamite" aka "The Great Wall" -- would make Alvin Patrimonio bounce sideways  playing defense with his tummy then would go down and hit a three while fixing his red headband. Man those were the days.

8-) Jayvee Gayoso - who remembers his nickname? Had a good run for a while. All I remember was he kept on running. Would make a good guest for "Nasaan na kaya sila?"

9-) Mark Caguioa - "The Sparkplug" -- How clutch he has been in his career is how much of a choker Miller has always been. That's why the latter's not on this list.

10-) Jayjay Helterbrand - who would've thought he'd win MVP?

Some notable players casual fans might not remember playing for Ginebra...

1-) Joey Marquez - parlayed a pathetic basketball career into a cash windfall show business career and even more amazing wealth care of wonder brooms from Paranaque. Also known for spreading diseases to Presidential daughters and sisters.

2-) EJ Feihl - the half-German, half-Filipino will forever go down in the annals of PBA history as a 100% flop having been shouted at by the Living Legend with: "Ang laki mong T - _ - E!" As Wilt Chamberlain said: "Who roots for Goliath?"

3-) Mukesh Advani - left everyone still wondering to this day what an Indian did in the PBA?

4-) Dennis Carbonilla - I have an autograph. That's how I remembered.

5-) Joey Loyzaga - "The Lifesaver" -- more remembered for his advance party tummy and dating Gretchen Barreto-- (first dibs?) when she was a sophomore in CSA where the team would practice-- than for anything else.

6-) Marlou Aquino - "The Skyscraper" -- instantly brought Ginebra back to respectability ala Tim Duncan for the Spurs. After he left Ginebra never really had a decent big man. Wonder what he could still do for Ginebra Kings basketball if he teamed up with Menk and the three MVP guards of Helterbrand, Miller and Caguioa.

7-) Vic Pablo - "The Kontrabida" -- 1994 #1 draft pick (the first of 3 consecutive picks: Pablo, Feihl and Aquino) who refused to play for Barangay Ginebra.

8-) Benjie Paras - Yes the "Tower of Power." The category is players that fans won't remember playing for Barangay Ginebra. Who could forget the holdout in 1994 where he refused to go back to Shell and told the world of his wish to play for the Gin Kings, while the first pick Pablo didn't want to play for them at all. Too bad there are these things called contracts. Nothing like a few Shell gas stations to ease the pain.

9-) Alex Crisano - more tattoos than games played and/or free throws made. Looked more like he should be up in the bleachers than on the court. Might be the only Ginebra Kings player actually crazier than Barangay Ginebra fans.

10-) Vince Hizon - "The Prince" -- too goodlooking to have played for Ginebra. Unlike most Ginebra players, he doesn't look like he can drink Ginebra. Known for that sweet J and running after courtside reporters and proposing to them courtside.

11-) Romulo Mamaril - will be remembered as the tallest player in PBA history during the 80's with a height of 6 feet, 6 inches. Sadly, that's all he'll be remembered for. At least the genes are improving-- but not much.

12-) Robert "Dodot" Jaworski Jr. -- father and son hugged each other tightly after having been picked in the second round of the draft of the PBA-- as if some other team was going to pick him. With his political career showing the same results as his basketball career, his greatest legacy will be how in hell did he convince Mikee AND make her give up showbiz?! 
Photo by "Wrestling Head Grab"

13-) Wilmer Ong -- a yes just mentioning his name makes me laugh. Had only one purpose when entering a game: inflict pain; play basketball when necessary -- especially when the referee is looking. Proof that skills are not always necessary in the Philippine Basketball Association.

14-) Benny Cheng -- see #13. Wilmer Ong with a jumpshot. The Bushwackers like the PBA has never had before-- and probably never will with the advent of Fil-Ams.

Boy wouldn't it be fun to see the Barangay Bushwackers again?

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  1. hahaha! man love the blog! Jayvee Gayoso is "Mr. Adrenaline"

  2. thanks mark. ga-ga gayoso before ra-ra racela.

  3. by the way, is it ok what part of the blog you liked? thanks.

  4. pare, im a ginebra fan so i liked everything! oh wilmer ong had one good game where he scored 20 points, was made the best player of the game and even had a dunk to cap of that one in a lifetime performance!

  5. @mark...thanks pare. wow i think i remember that game you were talking about! haha... are there any good blogs on ginebra i can join? what do you recommend? thanks.