Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PBA Addict? Your not alone. PBA die-hards profess loyalty on Twitter:

Photo by chillihead

itsmeChamF #100factsaboutme (8) I'm a basketball fanatic! =) Certified PBA and NBA lover! Go SMB! Go Spurs! :)

iamshaynelinden @sidindin @rygine08 Napanood niyo? Nag-adik ako sa PBA! HAHAHA!

sainesainesaine i forgot to watch PBA!my goodness!:| 2nd game naaa..

iNadinne Late to tweet. But better late than never: Gilas now lost a game. That just makes the conference more exciting. #pba

palomaesmeria Watchin PBA on tv :p at last I'm done with work!


  1. I am inspired by your dedication man! (woman?)...
    I am still planning to be a part of "Jomar's" world! I read your testimony from his site.
    Good job! Go on! You can do it!
    God bless!

  2. @leo...thanks bro! (btw, i'm a bro too not sis. haha). go ahead and join jomar's world. be prepared to put the time and the effort but from my experience so far, it has been well worth it. imagine waking up everyday getting that feeling of excitement because you're learning how to do something that will make a difference and you can earn from!
    is it ok to ask-- what topic/s did you want to blog about? why do you want to blog? thanks! -Rye Gutierrez

  3. Filipinos love to play Basketball. You can also see people that playing even in street.

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